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I am super excited for a chance to teach at "home"!!! I look forward to a great year with many familiar faces and some new!!


2015-16 syllabus

Here you will find the course description,  policies and procedures that will be followed in my classroom, for make-up work and Friday Night Live.  If you need to be in contact with me, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]
My conference time is 4th period from 10:44-11:34 a.m.
I also use the Remind app that is free from the app store on your smart phone. Please email for that information, because I have separate classes and do not want to cause confusion by posting all 4 of them on this website. 

Expectations for Young Adults

Teenagers often feel the need to bend/ break the rules and see how far they can take things.  In place using the word "rule"  I have expectations.  Rules imply something that can broken, where as expectations imply something to be achieved.  Your student will be expected to follow these procedures in and out of class.  It is my mission to help parents while their student is at school maintain good manners and respect.  It is non-negotiable in my class.