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Navigating the Senior Year

There are a lot of "to-dos" as a senior. Having an overview of the process is a great way to make sure that you do not miss any steps and have the best chance of ending up where you want to be after you cross the stage at graduation! 


1. Sign up for an Apply Texas Account   
* There will be an in class workshop for students  during the students Government/Economics class (TBA)
- When a student signs up for this account they are then able to apply for colleges in an effective and efficient way. They will have the opportunity to copy and paste their Texas applications so they do not have to continually repeat the process if they are applying in multiple places. 
                 A) How to submit documents to colleges
                 B) Essay Prompt: "What unique opportunities or challenges have you experienced throughout your high school career that have shaped who you are today?"
* If you would like a hard copy of an essay example please see your counselors *
                  C) How to complete a high school resume 
                  D) Requesting documents required for admissions
                             1. Request your transcript from Mrs. Weeks.
                             2. TSI and TSIA-2 Scores (login here to access and send report)
              • Testing date 9/27/23 and 9/28/23 (Sophomore, Juniors, and Seniors)
              • Testing Date 02/14/24 and 02/15/24 (Freshmen only): no sign up, all will take
              • Testing off campus at AC sign up 
                             3. SAT scores
              • SAT school day Fall Seniors only (10/26/2023) sign ups to come. 
              • SAT school day Spring (03/23/23) sign ups to come
              • SAT off campus sign up 
TIP: If you are attending a junior college (2 year) you need the TSI or TSIA-2. 
If you are attending a University (4 year) you need the SAT.
2. Apply for FAFSA (Opens end of 2023 year -date TBA)
* There will be an on campus workshops TBA when we know the filing deadline
- FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is where your student can apply for assistance based on their parents household income. Additionally, general scholarships for many colleges and universities use this information when awarding general scholarships. Even if you think that your family may "make too much" you must still complete it as a graduation requirement. 
3. Check Deadlines Continually
            A) Scholarships (local and where ever you are submitting an application) -
                  See "** Scholarship Applications**" Tab to the left for list
          • Scholarship Tracking Spreadsheet at the bottom of the page
4) Talk to your counselors (Mrs. Sterrett A-L & Mrs. Mettlen M-Z)