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                        US History




  • We will study people, places, and events throughout history, which leads to the changing of the dynamic of the United States and the world.  All Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills will be taught throughout the year as prescribed by the Texas Education Agency.


PREREQUISITES AND STANDARDS: To succeed in this class, each student must be able to:

  • Participate in small cooperative learning groups
  • Read Text and listen to teacher
  • Take accurate and useful notes
  • Read graphs, charts and maps
  • Communicate in written and oral forms using standard grammar and correct spelling
  • Complete homework and class assignments
  • Interpret audio-visual material
  • Make group presentations and debates before class
  • Understand and respond in written and oral forms to critical thinking questions
  • Use higher order thinking skills to write essays and analyze primary documents



  • Exams will account for 66.7% of the total grade.
  • Daily work will account for 33.3% of the total grade.



  • Students will obey an honor code of never cheating and being responsible for their own work and grade. Any student caught cheating on any assignment or test or any student helping a cheater will receive swift and equal punishment. Violations of the honor code will result in a zero for the assignment, and possibly a disciplinary referral to the office for action consistent with the school system policy on cheating. Examples of violations of this policy include (but are not limited to) giving or receiving help on any in-class or take-home assignment, test, essay, or quiz, plagiarism of material on take-home essays, and discussion of any quiz, test, or essay questions with students who have not yet completed that assignment.



  • Under no circumstances will food, drinks, gum or candy be allowed in this classroom. Bottled water is allowed.
  • Always respect the teacher and other students and use appropriate language
  • Cheating will not be tolerated. See "Honor Code" above for consequences.
  • No talking or walking around room when the teacher is speaking before the class.
  • No writing or marking on any classroom furniture or walls.
  • Cell phones are not permissible; the phones will be collected and sent to the office if seen by the teacher.
  • Disrupting class will result in removal from the classroom.



  • A policy that Diboll ISD has established that last from 3:45PM-7:45PM on Friday night. The student will to attend Friday Night Live either because of disciplinary action or to make up grades. 



  • Progress reports will be sent home to parents every 3 weeks. These are to be returned to the advisory teacher and signed by the parent. Always verify that your grades on the progress report and your grade sheet match each other.