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Request to be reviewed to take Angelina College courses

Please print this form if you are interested in taking college courses during the 2020-2021 school year. The completed form must include both parent & student signature. The deadline to return the form is February 14, 2020

Congratulations to our Senior Student Athletic Trainers

Very proud to announce that three of our senior student trainers have been recognized by the Texas State Athletic Trainers Association as "Academic All State" students. For these young ladies to receive this award, they must have maintained at least a 92 average throughout their entire high school career! Please congratulate these young ladies when you see them! Itzell Avendano, Anna Dunn, and Lesly Zuniga (Pictures will come later)

Cap & Gown Information

Jostens will be on campus during advisory period on Wednesday, November 20th, for the cap and gown presentation. Jostens will come back to our campus during lunch on Wednesday, December 4th, to take orders.

Exemption Policy

Exemptions - Semester Exams

Due to freshmen and sophomores preparing for the STAAR EOC exams, only juniors and seniors can be exempt for the first semester this year if students meet the following criteria:

• Maintain an 80% or better grade in all subjects.
• Maintain a 96% attendance rate throughout the semester which equates to 4 or fewer absences.

o Exceptions:
▪ Doctor’s notes
▪ Extracurricular activities
▪ Approved religious observations
▪ Days that the overall attendance rate for the campus drops for unforeseen
• Must be in a club or UIL event.
• 3 days or less in ISS
• No Out of School Suspension or AEP placement
• Less than 5 tardies in first period

We will be offering all students (9-12) an opportunity to be exempt from the 2nd semester final exams with the same criteria as described above.

Attention: Parents and Students regarding Social Media

Please read the following message about social media.
From the Principal…..

Parents and Students,

As we get into the holiday season, it is time to remind all students who are involved in extracurricular activities and their parents of a policy that could affect their status as a team member. All extracurricular programs at Diboll High School have a policy concerning social media that, if violated, may result in removal from the program. They are as follows:

It is impermissible for student-athletes to post information, photos, or other representations of sexual content, inappropriate behavior (e.g.: drug or alcohol use), or items that could interpret as demeaning or inflammatory. Student-athletes are required to abide by all team policies, athletic department policies, and DISD student code of conduct rules when utilizing social media websites.

Maintaining a higher standard of conduct will also include ensuring that drill team members' websites are appropriate. The Internet is a worldwide, publicly accessible form of communication. Any communication such as, but not limited to, Snapchat messages, Facebook, Instagram, or photo sharing, etc., appearing on the Internet is public domain even if it is marked private. Drill members are responsible for their websites and postings as well as for postings on other students' sites. The area of appropriateness will include, but is not limited to, language (abbreviated or alluding to), pictures, suggestive poses, clothing, and any reference to alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. The principal and sponsor will decide any questions of appropriateness.

Any communication using any form of social media such as, but not limited to, Snapchat messages, Facebook, Instagram, or photo sharing, etc., appearing on the Internet is public domain even if it is marked private. This includes, but is not limited to, language (abbreviated or alluding to), pictures, suggestive poses, clothing, any reference to alcohol, drugs, and tobacco, and any reference to a parent, sponsor, or another cheerleader in any derogatory manner.

Student Code of Conduct for DISD:
Sending, posting, delivering, or possessing electronic messages that are abusive, obscene, sexually-oriented, threatening, harassing, damaging to another's reputation, or illegal, including cyberbullying and "sexting," either on or off school property if the conduct causes a substantial disruption to the educational environment or infringes on the rights of another student at school.

As the principal of the high school, I want everyone to be informed. Social media has become a very unhealthy environment for our children. By the time the principal and vice-principal have gotten involved, the text that was posted or reposted is demeaning, harsh, and full of vulgarity. Parents, I would suggest that you take the time to look at your child's social media posts. One statement about a student, school employee, or parent could cost them demerits or removal from their position on the team or program. I am asking coaches and sponsors to take immediate action with all athletes and/or performing team members who have posted in an inappropriate manner.

For the student body at large; from this point forward, students who post demeaning, derogatory, and/or threatening posts toward anyone will be subject to disciplinary action. Please be aware that this action will include ISS, OSS, and (depending on the nature of the post) Disciplinary Alternative Education Program.

Lastly; many colleges, universities, employers, tech colleges, and junior colleges are beginning to check all social media sites to see how you present yourself. Students found with demeaning or derogatory posts are not admitted.

BE CAREFUL Students.

John R. Clements, M.Ed
Principal Diboll High School

Jostens Class Ring Presentation

Jostens will be here on October 17th for class ring presentation during advisory. Jostens will come back on October 23 during lunch to take orders.
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