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Algebra 1
Miss Dulude
Room E-3

Algebra Supplies (required):
Folder or 3 Ring Binder
Loose Leaf Notebook Paper

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year! Algebra is fun and exciting and we are going to explore the many depths of linear, quadratic, and other nonlinear functions. Bring with you a great attitude and this will be a great year! There are a few things we need to know in order to start this year:
Notes - Every student will be expected to take notes during all instructional time. Having notes will play a vital role in success in Algebra 1.
It is School Policy that Daily Work make up 33% of student’s grades. Daily work will consist of homework, daily classwork, and daily warm-ups.
Homework will be given Monday-Thursday nights. I will only record the best three grades for each student.
Daily classwork grades will come from guided practice, classroom activities, and participation in projects.
Daily warm-ups will be given each day. They will be recorded as one grade a week and be averaged for a test grade every three weeks.
It is School Policy that Tests make up 67% of student’s grades. Test grades will consist of major tests and any major projects. Tests will be given approximately every two weeks depending on content.
Calculators - I will have a classroom set of calculators for students to use in the classroom; however, they will not be allowed to be taken outside of the classroom. Students are allowed to rent calculators from the library for $10.
Pencils will be required for tests and other graded assignments. If students would like to use pen for notes, that is perfectly acceptable.

Classroom Expectations:
Students will be expected to be in their seat, ready for class when the bell rings. Tardies will not be tolerated.
During instructional periods, students will be expected to be in their seat, quiet, and attentive while the teacher is talking.
Students will be expected to be respectful to themselves, each other, the teacher, and all other members of the school.
Students will be expected to work from the time the bell rings to start class, until the bell rings for them to leave. The teacher will dismiss class when the bell rings to end class.
All make-up work needs to be picked up the day the student returns to class. They will have the same amount of time to complete the assignment as students who were present.
If you know you are going to miss class, make sure to talk to the teacher and get any work you are going to miss ahead of time. This makes it easier for the student to stay on track with the rest of the class.
There will be many times when we are doing small projects and activities in class. The students will be expected to treat the supplies maturely. If a student is seen misusing supplies, they will be suspended from doing activities for the rest of the day. If the misuse was extreme, they will be suspended from activities for a longer duration of time.
Cheating WILL NOT be tolerated.

Tips for Success in Algebra 1:
Take Notes
100% Participation
Stay on top of your Class Work
Be Present Everyday
Do not go to ISS and/or AEP. The more you’re not in class, the further behind you will get.
Retest when necessary.

Other Expectations:
No sleeping in class.
Pick up all your belongings and trash.
No grooming in class.

Remind 101:
Algebra 1 : @alg1dulude to 81010
Geometry: @geodulude to 81010

Parent Information

Tutoring will be offered with the following schedule:
Monday: 7:30-7:50
Tuesday: 7:30-7:50
Wednesday: 7:30-7:50
Thursday: 7:30-7:50
Friday: 7:30-7:50
After school tutorials will be available Tuesday-Friday. I will prompt and/or assign when necessary, but the student must take responsibility for attending after school tutorials.

Test Retakes - Algebra
Students will be able to retest on any test that they score less than a 70 on (with exception of Nine Week Exams). The student must sign up for tutorials in order to be able to do corrections for their retest. The retest will be graded out of a 70 and the highest score will be recorded in the grade book. Any and all corrections and retests must be completed before the following test.

Parents may contact me at any time by email. My email is mdulude@dibollisd.org.

Parent Portal
Parents have access to the online Skyward grade book. It is encouraged that you use this to your advantage to see how your student is doing in class.